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We was founded in 1986. We make professional gloves for different applications.

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The production lines and production equipment were independently developed. It makes the low MOQ for products.


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Chemical Gloves CE Certificate

Chemical gloves are the leading products of Xingli factory, among which H1 series and H2 series are ···




Desposable Gloves CE Certificate

Xingli rubber and plastic products are mainly engaged in disposable gloves, including disposable nit···




Desposable Gloves SGS Test

The disposable nitrile gloves and disposable PVC gloves have passed the SGS of international authori···



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We We made gloves for 30+ years so we are experienced enough to make the best price
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We have a professional R & D team, we will listen to customer needs, help customers develop new products to better occupy the market.
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7*24 online contact. Our customer-specific solutions are tailored to fit your exact business needs.
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Strict control on each process since raw material to shipment, independently test all gloves with Zero defects policy.

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What is chemical glove?
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What is chemical glove?
Chemical gloves are also called operating box glov···
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How to distinguish the quality of latex gloves?
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Yangjiang Xingli rubber and plastic products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986. The factory has focused on glove production ···
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How to distinguish the quality of latex gloves?

发布日期: 2020.07.03

A pair of good latex gloves, first of all, the surface looks clean and beautiful, good crimping, large tension, no air leakage.

     Large pull, this is a little difficult to test by our hands, this is a professional machine to test. What we can do is to see its color, white color, too white latex gloves are containing a large number of additives, the white color, the more additives, the more additives, the smaller the pull. However, there are many gloves now, put a yellow pigment, so that the color of the gloves can be changed, so this method is not completely reliable. Then we have to look at the degree of wrinkle of the gloves, also a pair of latex gloves, open from the packaging, high glue content gloves will not wrinkle, the lower the glue content more wrinkled. If a pair of gloves are wrinkled and white, it can be seen that the amount of glue is very low. We all use latex because it is scalable and elastic, and no other substitute is as good as latex.